Beer for Brains Foundation Partners with GBM Agile for Craft Beer Event

The Beer for Brains Foundation announces a partnership with GBM AGILE (An Adaptive, Global, Innovative Learning Environment) to help raise money for the implementation of an unprecedented international clinical trial. Proceeds from the 2nd annual Craft Beer Golf Classic will benefit GBM Agile and The Beer for Brains Foundation who are committed to helping to find a cure for brain cancer.

Except from November 12, 2015 press release announcing the groundbreaking global alliance to find effective response to the deadliest human brain tumor…

WASHINGTON, D.C. – This year approximately 12,000 individuals in the US and tens of thousands more around the globe, including 35,000 in China alone, will receive a diagnosis of glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) from their doctors. GBM is the most common adult brain tumor and it is highly aggressive. In fact, fifty percent of GBM patients will survive for a year or less. Five-year survival for GBM is less than two percent – and, unfortunately, these dismal statistics have not changed for decades.

A broad coalition of GBM neuro-surgeons, neuro-oncologists, basic and clinical investigators, and representatives from the GBM advocacy communities shared the conviction that this situation was unacceptable—that new approaches must be pursued that can identify successful therapies. “It is in that spirit, that this broad ‘coalition of the willing’ today announce the design and plan for a new-generation clinical trial for GBM,” said Dr. Anna Barker, GBM AGILE Project Director and Executive Committee (EC) Chair, Director of the National Biomarker Development Alliance (NBDA) and Professor at Arizona State University’s School of Life Sciences. “This new generation of clinical trials will be adaptive based on learning from the patients; global as it is to be performed across the U.S., China, Australia and Europe; and innovative in that it is driven by Bayesian statistics and molecular markers.

During the planning and design phase, GBM AGILE is “crowdsourcing” knowledge from a large number of international leaders in GBM basic and clinical research and using that knowledge to inform the design of a new-generation adaptive trial that will learn from every patient that enters the trial. Read the full press release…

Author: Matthew O'Brien

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